International Short Film Competition — selection result

We announce the list of selected films for the International Short Film Competition. For many years those screenings have enjoyed great interest of our viewers – we do know why. Each competition block is an opportunity to meet new filmmakers who are already deciding on the future of cinema. ISFC are films which, referring to cinematographic traditions, search for original means of expression, tell unconventional stories and consciously break taboos.

From the 2307 films sent from all continents, we selected 34 that touched us or amused us the most; these are films that have been with us for a long time and we want to pass them on.

There are prizes in the competition. The first place is 5000 PLN, the second place is 3000 PLN, the third place is 2000 PLN. MAKonLine Ubezpieczenia is the official sponsor of the statutory prizes in the International Short Film Competition.

The jury will include: Agnieszka Żulewska (theater and film actress, for her role in the film “Chemistry” directed by Bartosz Prokopowicz, she received the Zbyszek Cybulski Award 2016, she starred in many short films and several feature productions, currently associated with TR Warszawa), Maciej Cuske (director of documentaries and screenwriter, awarded many times for his films such as “Cure”, “Antiquarian Bookshop” or “In the Sky, on Earth”, his latest film “The Whale of Lorino” will be shown in this year’s “World under a tent” section) , Tomasz Gąssowski (film music composer, for the music for the film “Imagine” directed by Andrzej Jakimowski he received the MocArta award, “Cinema Lesson” with his participation will take place in the Two Riversides).

Here is the full list of selected films – congratulations and thank you for all entries!

100% Pur Porc [100% Pure Pork]
FR | dir. Emilie Janin | feature | 17 min.

GB | dir. Dekel Berenson | feature | 15 min.

At the Other End of the Table
FR | dir. Lise Remon | animation | 4 min.

Bajka na niespokojny sen [Bad Night Story, A]
PL | dir. Nawojka Wierzbowska | feature | 16 min.

Cykl [Cycle]
PL | dir. Julia Benedyktowicz | animation | 6 min.

Dante vs. Mohammed Ali
NL | dir. Marc Wagenaar | feature | 25 min.

IR | dir. Mohsen Rezapour | animation | 8 min.

Efekt Halo [Halo Effect]
PL | dir. Patrycja Polkowska | documentary | 15 min.

Eu não sou Pilatus [I am not Pilatus]
PT | dir. Welket Bungué | documentary | 11 min.

Féeroce [Fairyocious]
FR | dir. Fabien Ara | feature | 14 min.

Fikołek [Tumble]
PL | dir. Milena Dutkowska | feature | 30 min.

Fire Extinguisher
ES | dir. Rodrigo Sopeña Costales, Joana Solnado | feature | 5 min.

IT | dir. Alessandro Di Gregorio | feature | 15 min.

Gronde Marmaille [Rain, Rain, Run Away]
FR | dir. Clémentine Carrié | feature | 15 min.

Hãy tỉnh thức và sẵn sàng [Stay Awake, be Ready]
VN | dir. Pham Thien An | feature | 14 min.

Home Sweet Home
PL | reż. Agata Puszcz | feature | 22 min.

Koniec sezonu [End of the Season, The]
PL | dir. Stanislaw Cuske | documentary | 20 min.

La Guapa
ES | dir. Paolo Cammarano | documentary | 15 min.

La vendedora de Liros [Lillies´ Seller, The]
AR | dir. Igor Galuk | feature | 18 min.

PL | dir. Marcin Mikulski | feature | 25 min.

BG | dir. Hristo Simeonov | feature | 19 min.

Oddech [Breath]
PL | dir. Daria Kasperek | documentary | 26 min.

IT | dir. Davide Curto | experimental | 2 min.

Pipo et l’amour aveugle [Pipo and Blind Love]
FR | dir. Hugo Le Gourrierec | feature | 14 min.

Playback. Ensayo de una despedida [Playback]
AR | dir. Agustina Comedi | documentary | 14 min.

Real Life
US | dir. Camila Mezzetti, Ramon Faria | animation | 1 min.

Song Sparrow
DK | dir. Farzaneh Omidvarnia | animation | 12 min.

PL | dir. Jolanta Bankowska | animation | 5 min.

Take It and End It
GR | dir. Kirineos Papadimatos | feature | 20 min.

CH | dir. Kim Allamand | feature | 14 min.

Todo lo que flota [Float]
CO | dir. María Matiz Borda | feature | 25 min.

Traverser la Nuit [Now, Daphne]
FR | dir. Johann G. Louis | feature | 20 min.

Wyraj [Vyraj]
PL | dir. Agnieszka Nowosielska | feature | 21 min.

Wschód — Zachód [East West]
PL | dir. Natalia Koniarz | feature | 20 min.

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