International Short Film Competition – Jury’s verdict

The International Short Film Competition has been on the Two Riversides Festival since its second edition. This year, 34 productions from around the world have been qualified for the competition. Today we got to know the winners.

The jury: Agnieszka Żulewska – actress, Maciej Cuske – documentary film director, Tomasz Gąssowski – film music composer, after watching 34 films, they decided to award the following films:

– 1st Prize in the amount of PLN 5,000: “NINA”, dir. Hristo Simeonov;

– 2n Prize in the amount of PLN 3,000: „THE END OF THE SEASON” [“KONIEC SEZONU”], dir. Stanisław Cuske (Juror Maciej Cuske did not participate in the deliberations);

– 3rd Prize in the amount of PLN 2,000: “THE LILLIE’S SELLER” [“LA VENDEDORA DE LIROS”], dir. Igor Galuk;

– Special Mention for the animated film “STORY” (directed by Jolanta Bankowska) for a brilliant analysis of the contemporary world;

– Special Mention for the film “ANNA” (dir. Dekel Berenson) for tenderness towards the characters and the ability to observe their real world;

– Special Mention for Piotr Żurawski for his convincing acting performance in the film “MARCEL” (directed by Marcin Mikulski), which in a light and witty way combined a surreal form with the bitter truth about loneliness in the contemporary world;

– Honorable Mention to Stéphanie Michelini for his role in the film “NOW, DAPHNE” [“TRAVERSER LA NUIT”] (dir. Johann G. Louis).

The sponsor of the prizes at the International Short Film Competition is MAKonLine Ubezpieczenia.

The Special Award of the Artistic Director of the Two Riversides Film and Art Festival (extra-statutory award), funded by the 21. Społeczne Liceum im. Jerzy Grotowski in the amount of PLN1000 receives: “FRONTIERA” (directed by Alessandro Di Gregorio).

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