Voice of the Moon, The


La voce della luna
reż|dir Federico Fellini | IT, FR | 1990 | 120 min
prod|pro Mario Cecchi Gori, Vittorio Cecchi Gori scen|wr Ermanno Cavazzoni, Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli zdj|ph Tonino Delli Colli muz|mus Nicola Piovani mon|ed Nino Baragli ob|cast Roberto Benigni, Paolo Villaggio, Nadia Ottaviani dys|dis Intramovies


Two protagonists, who differ in almost everything: a patient, released from a mental institution and looking for his beloved (brilliant Roberto Benigni) and a former prefect (Paolo Villaggio). The cross-section of life’s losers that they meet on their way, under even stranger circumstances, makes up a maze of funny and incredible adventures. For the viewer, it’s also a journey into the deep corners of the human mind. In his latest film Fellini returns to the motives from “La strada”, characters wander around the region of his childhood (Emilia-Romagna), and reality mixes smoothly with unreality in difficult to determine proportions.

1990 David di Donatello Awards – nominated for David for Best Film
1990 David di Donatello Awards – nominated for David for Best Director
1990 David di Donatello Awards – David Award to Best Actor
1990 David di Donatello Awards – nominated for David for Best Cinematography
1990 David di Donatello Awards – nominated for David for Best Music

Federico Fellini (1920-1993), Il Maestro, one of the greatest Italian scriptwriters and directors. Initially he was the assistant and co-writer of Roberto Rosselini. He made a significant contribution to the new Italian film school but, despite the recognition he already enjoyed, he chose a separate path. Each of his films was significant and loud. Some - like the Oscar-winning “La strada” – are considered the most influential works of world cinema. From his debut “The Lights of Variety” (1950) to his last painting “The voice of the Moon” (1990), he showed an oneiric world, suspended between the open and the dream, ambiguous, allegorical and full of space.

1990 Głos z księżyca|La voce della luna|The Voice of the Moon
1987 Wywiad|Intervista
1980 Miasto kobiet|La città delle donne|The City of Women
1976 Casanova|Il Casanova di Federico Fellini|Fellini's Casanova
1973 Amarcord|Amarcord|I Remember
1972 Rzym|Roma
1969 Satyricon|Fellini - Satyricon|Fellini's Satyricon
1965 Giulietta i duchy|Giulietta degli spiriti|Juliet of the Spirits
1963 Osiem i pół|8½|Eight and a Half
1960 Słodkie życie|La dolce vita
1957 Noce Cabirii|Le notti di Cabiria|Nights of Cabiria
1954 La strada
1953 Wałkonie|I Vitelloni
1950 Światła varieté|Luci del varietà|The Lights of Variety

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